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by Chip

Attention all racing fans, WTCC fans, Team Aon fans and James Nash fans!

Wheels of Squeal has lined up the interview of the year and we need your help!

With the WTCC season drawing to a close, we all want to know the ins and outs of what it’s like to be on the inside of a WTCC team. So Team Aon’s own James Nash has agreed to talk to us!

Now there are plenty of questions we could ask him about his favourite circuit, best race of the season and whether he really does like Tom… but what would be even better, is to have YOUR help!

What would YOU ask James? What do YOU want to know? When else will you get the chance to ask him?

This is your opportunity to get all the inside gossip from one of the WTCC’s up and coming young drivers.

Post your questions for James below and we’ll choose the best ones (and perhaps a few odd ones) and put them to him. We’ll be nattering with James in November, just as the season comes to a close. And who knows, James’ best race could still be yet to come…

Don’t forget to check back to see James’ answers.

By the way, you can also submit questions for James on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/WheelsOfSqueal

Or via twitter: @ChipChipmunkWOS

So get in touch, ask James a question and get involved.


Damien Cross

You’re famously a supporter of your local air ambulance, do you plan on doing any more events to raise funds for it, like the Lap of Anglia or a skydive etc?

Andrew Wilson

As the season draws towards a close what are your plans for next season? The BTCC was a massive success for yourself and for Aon Ford last year. However, 2012 was a lot tougher for all the new or returning teams. Will you and the Fords come back bigger and better in 2013?
I would love to see Aon running in both competitions next year if budget would allow.

Josh Martin

I firmly believe you were one of the best drivers in the BTCC, do you think you will ever return to the championship and secure the title?

Aidan Kennedy

Other than your current team who would you like to drive for next year 8D

Sydney Gottlieb

If you could be doing anything else in the world besides racing what would it be? and if you could drive any car in the races next year besides your Ford what would you choose and why?

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