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by Chip

Well what an introduction to the WTCC!

Team Aon and their team of James Nash and Tom Chilton acquitted themselves well in their inaugural season with some solid drivers and a few points on the board as well. But before we move onwards and upwards to season 2013, we wanted to take some time to speak with one of the drivers from Team Aon, James Nash.

James had a challenging first season in the WTCC and it has been fascinating following him and Team Aon across the world.


Team Aon WTCC driver James Nash


Chip Chipmunk (CC): Hi James, thanks for catching up with us at Wheels of Squeal. First year in the WTCC, what highlights will you take away with you?

James Nash (JN): My highlight was leading for 4 laps in Marrakech! I was reading on the WTCC website that since 2005 only 33 drivers have managed to keep the lead for at least one lap, definitely one to remember!

CC: You still have many fans that follow you from you British Touring car days and the most common question is ‘When are you coming back?’

JN: I wouldn’t ever rule out the opportunity to go back to BTCC. I’d love to clinch the overall title! (James won the BTCC Independent Championship in 2011) Maybe sometime in the future…

CC:  Well that answers Josh’s question about your desire to win the BTCC title! Andrew Wilson has asked, seeing a it was such a tough year to compete, whether there is any chance of Team Aon running cars in both the WTCC and BTCC in the coming year (if the budget would allow it) Any possibility of that happening?

JN: I know the team work very hard to make the cars more competitive, it’s very tough to be fighting with world champions in a new championship and so many new tracks to learn!

Who knows about next year, we will have to wait and see…

CC: Aidan has a question that I think I might know the answer to myself (being a former racing driver). He asks ‘Other than your current team who would you like to drive for next year ‘?

JN: A race winning car and team. Whatever that may be…

CC: Do you have a favourite track James? Which track would you say is the most technically challenging?

JN: Macau. It was the longest track of the season! Saying that, it was the most fun and I really enjoyed racing there.

CC: What about the other drivers, do you all get on or are there some simmering tensions amongst you all?

JN: As with all racing, there’s always rivalry on track. But off track the atmosphere is very friendly.

CC: Cheryl Dawe has a question about your day-to-day driving. When driving on regular roads is it easy to drive “normally” or do you always have your race head on?

JN:I leave the ‘race head’ at the track! There I am driving with other professionals so it is a safer environment, the roads are not the place to race

CC: Of course it’s not all about racing James, we know you do a great deal to support various charities and get involved in a number of local events. Damien Cross asks: You’re famously a supporter of your local air ambulance, do you plan on doing any more events to raise funds for it, like the Lap of Anglia or a skydive?

JN: Yep, many more things to come Damien. I will be taking part in the ‘Lap of Anglia’, looking forward to it! I’ll continue to support EAAA (East Anglia Air Ambulance) as much as I can.

CC: Okay, some of the more ‘abstract’ question for you now… Lasagne or Bolognaise? Which would you choose?

JN: Mums homemade lasagne!

CC: And finally, Chris Margetson get a special mention for this one: Which would you prefer, if confronted; 12 duck-sized horses, or 1 horse-sized duck?

JN: Very random! Haha! Erm… 12 duck-sized horses. Much easier to deal with!

CC: James, on behalf of Wheels of Squeal and your legions of fans around the world, can I just thank you again for the time you have taken to catch up with us today. We’ll let you go and enjoy the break.

JN: Not a problem, we’re already preparing for next year, so not too much of a break.

Like you we can’t wait for March 2013 to roll around and we start all over again. Stay tuned to Wheels of Squeal for all the Team Aon and James Nash news, as well as some great racing giveaways.



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