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by Bob

Yet another International tournament is upon us and the nation holds its breath… until we come a cropper around the 1/4 final stage (again). But for me, an international tournament is not all about the football and the shattered dreams. I always like to choose my favourite kit of the tournament. Might sound a bit silly or even boring, but it leads to some great chats with the people in the back in my cab I can tell you. Think of all of the great memories you have of past tournaments, great goals and outstanding matches, most of you will remember the kits and, what’s more, I’ll bet my left paw you had an opinion on them.

-Do you remember the kit worn by Gareth Southgate when he missed his penalty against Germany at Euro ’96?

-Who made the kits of the early 80s, that were a perfect match for Keegan’s perm?

-What about the colours on Bobby Moore’s triumphant England team in 1966?

Yes, England football kits can be fantastic and garbage at the same time. Amazes me how something so simple can be so wrong. These are my favourites (and not so favourites)…

1960 vs Wales

The designer of this 1960′s strip must have been sitting around wondering ‘How can I give this kit a bit of a ‘WOW’ factor… I know, I’ll get the team to wear clown socks! Done!’ I wonder if all of the team had to wear ridiculously over-sized football boots too?

1960 England Football Kit

Copyright Historical Football Kits and reproduced by kind permission

1973 Summer

The only time England have worn a yellow kit was in 1973. My missus said it may have been designed by IKEA, but I’m not sure about that. It was used for 3 matches that summer but after a draw and 2 defeats, it was never seen again.

1973 IKEA Football Kit

Copyright Historical Football Kits and reproduced by kind permission

1980 European Championship

Now I don’t know about you, but I have a real soft spot for this Admiral kit. Maybe because it was the first time England were in a major championship for 10 years… not that we did any good. We finished 3rd in the group and went home.

Admiral Football Kit

Copyright Historical Football Kits and reproduced by kind permission

2012 European Championships

Last but not least, we come to the kit for this year’s Euro’s… which I really like (until we fail miserably and get knocked out). Bit of info for you, it’s the first kit ever to be worn by England that contains no blue whatsoever… not even in the crest. Let’s hope that it brings great success to the boys in Polkraine.

2012 England Football Kit

Copyright Historical Football Kits and reproduced by kind permission

By the way, the answers to the questions above:

- Grey was the colour at Euro ’96.

- Admiral designed the 80′s kit, before going belly up.

- The 1966 kit was red. (Or grey for the little cubs who’ve only seen the footage in black & white.)

Feel free to post your best/worst!


For a full run-down of every England kit through time head over to www.historicalkits.co.uk Brilliant site with a comprehensive list of noy just England kits, but British club kits as well.

JULY UPDATE – Today saw the release of the Liverpool FC 3rd Kit -  What do you think Liverpool fans? Yay or Nay?

Copyright Liverpool Football Club


Hey Bob are we going to get anymore news from Euro 2012? We’re at the business end now… who’s your tip? Still Spain for me.


Yeah I will be doing a Euro 2012 review Chip, will be up next week. Was unfortunate that my prediction about England was so spot on!!!


Okay Liverpool FC fans let us know what you think of the new LFC 3rd kit? Love it or Loathe it!!

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