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by Bob

Less than a week to go and the biggest circus imaginable hits old London town… The Olympic Games! I for one am glad I ain’t back down in my home town for this one. What a nightmare it will be, from chaos on the roads, to bedlam using the Tube, Londerer’s will have to put up with 17 days of hell. All for a jumped up sports carnival.

What I don’t get though is the sheer volume of sports in the Games! Why not stick to the athletics and swimming and keep it manageable. So many pointless Olympic events (and I mean EVENTS)… Here are the ones that need to go:


Argentina's Captain won't be at the games this year

Not a pointless sport by any means, but add it to the Olympic Games and hey presto… Who cares! The simple fact is that the Olympic movement needs football more than football needs it. I mean the eligibility rules are ridiculous for a start. U23? Wait they need some stars, okay you can have three overage guys. With all of the age group Championships and the World Cup, the Olympic tournament is a pointless exercise. I won’t even start on ‘Team GB’…


Synchronised swimming spectator

Let’s be honest, who has even actually watched this ‘sport’? Is there even a competition outside of the Olympic Games? How is it even a sport? At least they got rid of the ‘Solo Synchonised Swimming‘ – I kid you not it was an event!


BMX Bandit!

I love bikes, loved them… when I was 12! Got my boy a BMX even… when he was 12!! Grow up boys and either race on a real bike or go home. These are the people that ride BMX – BMX BANDITS


Beach Volleyball - Watched for it's competitive nature

We all know why it’s in the Olympic Games and people don’t watch for the sporting prowess! Also, if there is no beach, how does it retain the name? Did you know they also have MEN’S BEACH VOLLEYBALL? No neither did I.



U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A

Americans only play team sports that they will win, we all know this. Baseball, American football and basketball. No other nation takes basketball seriously as is shown by the USA winning 12 of the 15 men’s competitions they have entered, also winning medals in the other 3 Games. Football has an age limit, why not basketball/ Oh yeah, that would make it even more irrelevant.

Now the IOC have seen some sense and discontinued some of the sillier sports, such as, tug of war, croquet, pigeon shooting and tandem cycling so I want to see some action on this and soon!

There must be others out there that you want to see gone from the Games? What are they?



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