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by Bob

Never trust a man who doesn’t like a good bonfire.
Monday night was one of the best. A proper traditional get together at the local pub. There were toffee apples and cinder toffee, coloured sparklers and an impressive fireworks display, and a roaring bonfire with a Guy on top.

Even better, the kiddiewinkles starting peeling away once the fireworks were over. Leaving a bunch of dads, uncles and granddads to warm their hands round the fire. (Warming bellies with best local bitter.)

As we watched the Guy disappear behind the flames, one of the blokes mentioned the Guy competition they used to have in the village. Rather than Guy Fawkes, people would create an effigy of whoever most deserved a spot on the bonfire that year.  Seems it got a bit heated a few years back when someone put forward a local councilor. So it’s reverted to the traditional guy, put together by kids at the local school.

Bonfire Guy

But talk soon turned to who we’d have chucked on there this year.  It was a heated discussion. These are the ones that came out on top.

-    George Osborne and his treasury chums – for the petrol price increase coming up in January.
-    The F1 designers responsible for one of the ugliest grid in years.
-    Anyone over 16 who says OMG.
-    The people who got our hopes up about a London Grand Prix.
-    And at number one… Justin Bieber.

So who would you chuck on the bonfire? One of these Guys, or your own suggestion?


Add to the OMG… ANYONE who says YOLO!!! What are the youth of today coming to!

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