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by Chip

This Sunday the best of the best in world motorsport will line up at Silverstone, ready to battle it out over 52 laps to be crowned this year’s winner.

Now any F1 fan can tell you who’s on the grid, but when it comes to facts and figures how many know all the nitty gritty? Like being able to tell you what every one of the ten race flags signify. No points for the chequered flag, but here are a few others you might not know much about…

Some people might tell you this alerts drivers to mechanical problems with their car, but it’s really used to inform drivers of bright sunshine around the circuit. Seen mostly at tracks in Continental Europe and Asia, it’s not been out at Silverstone for at least six years.

Similar to the black and white chequered flag signifying the end of the race, this red version lets drivers know that the post-race picnic is on. Drivers will then receive instructions from their team nutritionist about appropriate condiments for the spread.

Not so common these days, this flag warns of pirates on the track. Drivers should be alert to possible cannon fire, swash-buckling and doubloons on the circuit. Mark Webber famously got caught-out by the pirates in 2009 as they boarded his Red Bull and ransacked the car.

This flag indicates drivers should prepare to be overtaken by Lewis Hamilton. It used to refer to overtaking by Jenson Button, but after his showing this year it is unlikely that Button will be passing anyone.

I hope you’ve found this guide useful. Don’t forget to keep it handy for the weekend. Let’s just hope we see plenty of that last flag and less of those pesky pirates at Silverstone this year.

And if you can think of any flags that I have missed out, please let me know!

N.B. The above race flags may or may not actually be used during sanctioned FIA Formula 1 race meetings.


Lil Bill

Maybe this season they should add in a flag with a big Question Mark on it! Seeing as this season is so hard to predict!!

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